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IFPTE Members and Leaders Take to the Media, Urge Senate to Pass Funding to End Shutdown

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January 23
(NEW) Workers Say They're Going Without Food, Medicine 33 Days Into Shutdown (Newsy)
Barry Epstein, President of IFPTE Local 9, is interviewed at 1:37

January 11
Shutdown Means No Pay Today for 800,000 U.S. Government Workers (CNN International)
IFPTE member, Tryshanda Moton, an engineer from NASA Goddard, was on CNN telling her story on the impact of the government shutdown.

January 10
Join IFPTE and Federal Sector Unions in D.C. to Rally to End the Government Shutdown (Facebook Live)
Federal workers, union members, and members of the U.S. Congress will rally today in front of the AFL-CIO Building to stop the partial government shutdown. Federal workers will speak about how the shutdown affects federal workers, their families, their agencies, and the American people. The rally will conclude with a march to the White House.
Watch the event here (President Shearon begins at 46:50; Local 9 Member Barry Epstein begins at 49:57)

January 10
Furloughed Ames Research Center Workers Get Aid During Shutdown (KPIX5 CBS SF Bay Area)
At the Ramada Inn in Mountain View, the union for NASA Ames employees has set up a so-called “help room” for workers seeking assistance. Friday will be the first day the Ames Research Center’s 1,200 employees will not receive a paycheck. Worry is starting to set in.

January 9
Shutdown Stalls Immigration Courts Already Facing A ‘Tremendous Backlog’ of Cases (PBS)
The government shutdown over funding a southern border wall has largely disabled the system that processes immigration cases. Most cases in immigration courts, which are already overburdened, have been delayed indefinitely. Judge Dana Leigh Marks, former president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, describes to Amna Nawaz the shutdown's “devastating impact.”

January 9
Federal Workers, Contractors Continue Their Push to End the Shutdown (WUSA9)
The partial government shutdown continues to be a major source of concern for many workers in the DC area. Anel Flores, a Missions Systems Engineer at NASA Goddard, said he was supposed to receive his check on Thursday. Flores, who is also the President of GESTA, a union at Goddard, said it is unfair that federal employees are still stuck in the middle of the current legislative stalemate.

January 9
Immigration Judge Warns Cases are at Standstill Due to Government Shutdown (Hill TV)
“For all of the non-detain cases, which is the majority of our cases that are pending before the court, they have all come to a standstill,” Ashley Tabaddor, who is also an immigration judge in Los Angeles, said on Hill.TV, referring to cases involving individuals who have never been custody or have been released.

President Shearon on MSNBC: President "Needs to Learn the Art of Management"
On Monday morning, IFPTE President Paul Shearon appeared on MSNBC to discuss the impact of the shutdown on IFPTE members' livelihoods and on their work.

Watch the clip here (Shearon's segment begins 55 seconds in).

    1/5/2019 - Toll on Science and Research Mounts as Government Shutdown Continues (NY Times)
    From the article: “We’re not collecting data,” said Leland S. Stone, an area vice president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, which represents many federal scientists. “And we’re not analyzing the data and we’re not able to make the advances that we’re paid to do.”

Secretary-Treasurer Biggs and IFPTE Local Leaders at NASA Goddard Join Sen. Van Hollen to Urge Senate to Prioritize Ending the Shutdown
On Monday afternoon, Senator Chris Van Hollen appeared with IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer Matt Biggs, Goddard Engineers, Scientists and Technicians Association (GESTA)/IFPTE Local 29 President Anel Flores, and GESTA/IFPTE Local 29 Area Vice President Tryshanda Moton on Facebook Live to discuss the shutdown's impact on their day-to-day lives and federal employees' eagerness to return to work.

Watch the event here (Biggs speaks at the 6 minute mark, Flores speaks at 8:15 , and Moton speaks at 11:30).

    1/7/2019 - For These Federal Workers, Shutdown Means Weighing Which Bills to Pay (Washington Post)
    From the article: Moton, who works for NASA as an aerospace engineer, said she moved to Prince George’s County eight years ago for the security of a federal job and the paycheck that comes with it. She previously worked as a federal contractor. On Monday, with less than four days before she would miss her paycheck, she said she does not feel secure.

    1/7/2019 - Federal Workers Recount Concerns Over Transit Payments, Qualifying for Mortgages and Other Shutdown Impacts (GovExec)
    From the article: Anel Flores, president of the Goddard Engineers, Scientists and Technicians Association, a division of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, said the mere uncertainty caused by a government shutdown has an impact on NASA workers’ finances and morale.

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