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IFPTE Participates in AFL-CIO's National Workers First Caravan

IFPTE Locals across the country participated in the AFL-CIO’s Workers Caravan on Wednesday, June 18, the National Day of Action for labor.

The events, which totaled more than 300 in communities across the United States, demanded action by elected lawmakers to address the health & economic crisis and racial & economic injustices facing our nation. Upwards of 40 million workers are unemployed and workers in all sectors are in need of federal economic assistance, particularly those employed in our state and local governments. Among the demands made by America’s labor movement are:

  • to keep front-line workers safe and employed;
  • pensions protected;
  • state & local governments, public schools and the U.S. Postal Service solvent and working;
  • protecting and expanding health insurance for all workers, and;
  • competitive by investing in a robust infrastructure program.
IFPTE Locals from Washington, DC, (including IFPTE international staff), to Chattanooga to the Bay Area of California participated in the caravans.

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