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IFPTE Responds to President Trump's Executive Order Revoking Labor Management Forums


Monday, October 2, 2017
Contact: Matthew Biggs
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IFPTE Responds to President Trump’s Executive Order Revoking Labor Management Forums

WASHINGTON, DC – Gregory J. Junemann, president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), released the following statement in response to President Trump’s executive order revoking Labor Management Forums:

“The President’s unfortunate action in revoking Executive Order 13522 demonstrates that he has been misinformed and manipulated by advisors using false claims to support their knee-jerk, anti-labor agenda.

“The glaring disrespect for the entire Federal workforce and blatant disregard of the value of employee engagement reflected in this policy is shameful. President Trump has repeatedly proclaimed his support for workers and unions, yet this action betrays these campaign promises. Under President Obama’s Executive Order, Federal government unions and other employee-represented organizations were simply given a common-sense mandate to engage in a constructive partnership with their management counterparts to better serve the American taxpayer. Through their collective efforts, all parties have made significant strides in implementing reforms that have streamlined and/or enhanced operations, reduced corruption, and saved the American taxpayers millions of dollars in productivity.

“The revocation of Executive Order 13522 was undoubtedly pushed by establishment zealots to placate out-of-touch ultra-conservatives and anti-government extremists who wish to profiteer by siphoning federal funds away from public servants for their own private benefit. This action has done an enormous disservice to the talented and dedicated Federal government workforce, to the taxpayer, and to our nation.

“Nonetheless, IFPTE encourages agencies to continue with the forum partnerships where they have great cost savings for the taxpayers and a cohesive labor management relationship.”

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IFPTE's Reponse to the Revocation of Executive Order 13522

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