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IFPTE Signs Onto Federal Employee Appreciation #UpholdTheOath Campaign

Along with the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE), Protect Democracy and other unions and pro-federal employee organizations, IFPTE has added its support to the #UpholdTheOath campaign, a project to promote the work of federal employees by simply self-recording videos of federal workers reciting their oath of office.

Organizers of this campaign are encouraging members from unions such as IFPTE to participate, with their videos being organized by project directors into PSA-style media appeals that focus on reminding the public that our civilian government employees are committed to the US Constitution, not a party or person.

While politics is a mess, this effort shows the public that federal employees are not. IFPTE members wishing to participate can learn more about the project by visiting the UpholdTheOath website.

View the #UpholdTheOath sample tweets below

UpholdTheOath Sample Tweets

UpholdTheOath Q&A

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