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IFPTE Urges NDAA Conferees to Protect Federal Defense Jobs, Overturn Per Diem Cut Policy

As defense conferees begin to meet to reconcile the respective House and Senate defense authorization bills, IFPTE sent a letter to defense conferees urging them to reject language that would put back in place, “more expensive and disruptive privatization of critically important government services, including those in national defense and homeland security” while supporting legislative language to, “repeal the DoD’s unilateral implementation of cuts to long term travel in the Joint Travel Regulation.”

In addition to this week’s letter that focused on contracting and compensation issues, IFPTE will send another letter to conferees early next week outlining our Union’s concerns and support for provisions related to military depots and Veterans.

Read the full list of IFPTE NDAA priorities below.

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IFPTE's FY18 NDAA Letter to Defense Conferees

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