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"Issues Over Politics" - SPEEA Takes Part in IFPTE's PAC Program

This week in Washington State, SPEEA/IFPTE Local 2001 members and leaders took part in training geared towards allowing their members the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the IFPTE Political Action Committee.

The training was conducted by SPEEA's Legislative Director, Chelsea Orvella, along with IFPTE International staff, and was attended by members of SPEEA's Legislative and Public Affairs Committee, and Action & Communication Task Force (ACT).

The training focused on member-to-member communication between SPEEA members that stressed the importance of the issues that impact them and how a PAC is an added tool in the union's efforts of successfully fostering those legislative issues to passage.

Members were also informed that a PAC can help in protecting all SPEEA members from damaging legislation that takes aim at pensions, collective bargaining rights, anti-worker tax policies, etc. SPEEA becomes the seventh IFPTE Local (along with Locals 3, 4, 30, 32, 70, and 121) to participate in the PAC program. Locals 1 and 400 are set to add their Locals to the program in the coming months.


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