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Judicial Council 1/AALJ VP Judge Gabrielle Vitellio visits Capitol Hill

This week Judge Vitellio was joined on the Hill by IFPTE for over twenty House and Senate visits regarding issues impacting not just the members of Judicial Council 1/The Association of Administrative Law Judges (AALJ), but IFPTE members all throughout the federal sector.

Issues that Judge Vitellio advocated included the House passage of the ALJ Competitive Service Restoration Act (HR 2429, S 2348); adoption of Section 749 of the HR 3351 to defund the ability the anti-union Federal Service Impasses Panelís ability to unilaterally impose draconian contracts on federal unions; and preserving due process protections for disability claimants who appear before Social Security Administrative Law Judges.

Among the offices visited were Senators Schatz, Van Hollen, Cardin, Graham and Wyden, and Representatives Hoyer, Pascrell, Danny Davis and Kaptur, among others.