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Kilmer, Cantwell, Murray Lead Hill Effort to Protect Jobs at Bremerton Naval Shipyard

Following Capitol Hill meetings attended by IFPTE Local 12 last month, Congressman Derek Kilmer and Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray authored a Washington State Congressional sign-on letter to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus regarding the Navy’s consideration to privatize work related to the disposal of nuclear reactor compartments from the retired USS Enterprise.

The December 19th letter, signed by twenty Capitol Hill lawmakers, expressed unease to the Secretary, saying, “We have several concerns with this proposal to outsource what have been federal responsibilities.” The letter goes on to reiterate that the lawmakers “want what is best for the Department and what is safest for those it protects.”

The three Washington State lawmakers also authored a December 12th letter questioning the resource-strapped Nuclear Regulatory Commission‘s capacity to regulate these functions if they were privatized versus the Navy, which continues to safely provide oversight.

Read the letter to the Secretary of the Navy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission below.

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Washington State Congressional Letter to Navy Secretary Mabus

Washington State Letter to Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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