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Latest Trump Administration Executive Order Aims to Destroy the Federal Civil Service - IFPTE, FWA Fight Back

IFPTE has joined in coalition with 28 Federal Workers Alliance (FWA) unions in urging lawmakers to block implementation of Executive Order 13957. In a letter sent Thursday to Congressional appropriators, the FWA urged a defund of the order, warning lawmakers that it is intended to “eviscerate the federal government’s merit system principals, open the door to the politicization of the federal workforce, strip hundreds of thousands of federal workers of their due process rights, and give agencies carte blanche to dismantle collective bargaining units.”

Read the full letter and IFPTE’s statement below.

10/26/2020 - NAIJ/IFPTE Judicial Council 2 statement

10/27/2020 - Connolly, Maloney, Hoyer Introduce the Saving the Civil Service Act

IFPTE Statement on Executive Order 13957

FWA Statement on Executive Order 13957

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