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Local 121, Hawaii AFL-CIO Meet with Senator Mazie Hirono

Senator Mazie Hirono spent part of the Presidents Day congressional recess period visiting with the unions of the Hawaii AFL-CIO, including IFPTE Local 121.

Senator Hirono briefed union members on the current challenges in Congress facing the future of collective bargaining rights, including her concerns that Supreme Court Justice nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, could be the determining vote that turns all state and local governments nationwide into ‘right-to-work for less’ collective bargaining arrangements.

Senator Hirono also talked about her work partnership with IFPTE Local 121 and their efforts to protect federal workers from the relentless attacks on pay, pensions, health care benefits and collective bargaining rights that continue in Congress, particulary her recent introduction of S.Res.51, which outlines the “five fights for federal employees”.

During the meeting, IFPTE Local 121 President, Jamie Hiranaka, thanked the Senator for her support, saying that, “during this time when Hawaii’s federal workers, and others all across the country, are facing fierce attacks from some in Congress, we are pleased to know that Senator Hirono and her staff are in Washington fighting to protect not only our compensation, but also our collective bargaining protections.” Read more about Senator Hirono’s pledge to fight unfair attacks on federal workers below.

2/6/2017 - Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch has sided with businesses on labor issues (LA Times)

Senator Hirono's Pledge to Fight Unfair Attacks on Federal Workers

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