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Local 160 Takes Action Against Racism and Shows Solidarity with Muslim Community

This week, Local 160 launched a workplace anti-racism campaign and a new Charter for Inclusive Workplaces and Communities.

The campaign is inspired by work the Toronto & York Region Labour Council is doing with the National Council of Canadian Muslims to address the rise of Islamophobia and attacks on Muslims in many Ontario communities. To learn more about the campaign and read the Charter, click here.

To encourage member participation in the campaign and a constructive dialogue on racism and inclusion in the workplace, Local 160 is also holding a contest in conjunction with the release of the Charter. The unit of members that submits the most selfies supporting the Charter for Inclusive Workplaces and Communities will win a catered lunch for the entire group.

Additionally, to demonstrate our Unionís solidarity with the Muslim community, Local 160 co-sponsored an iftar held in Toronto City Council Chambers on June 6. The iftar was attended by 400 people, including IFPTE Local 160 President Scott Travers, IFPTE President Greg Junemann and many of our members, including practicing Muslims and non-Muslims interested in learning about another faithís traditions. This was the first iftar held at Toronto City Hall, which was a meaningful milestone, according to the Muslim community leaders who addressed attendees.

What is iftar?

During the holy month of Ramadan billions of Muslims across the world fast and in so doing refrain from all food and drink between sunrise and sunset. This is a month of joyous spiritual rejuvenation and a way for Muslims to reflect on scarcity and poverty. The iftar is the first meal at the end of each dayís fast and is typically a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. This year, Ramadan began on the evening of May 26 and will end in the evening of June 26.

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