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Local 160/The Society of United Professionals Plans Legal Challenge to Ford Government’s Erosion of Collective Bargaining Rights

The Society of United Professionals/Local 160, along with nine other Ontario unions representing more than 250,000 thousand public sector employees, recently outlined their plan to launch a coordinated Charter challenge against Bill 124, Ford administration backed legislation aimed at eroding the collective bargaining rights of Ontario’s public sector workers.

“When the government erodes our collective bargaining rights we must fight back,” said Society President/IFPTE Canadian Area Vice President Scott Travers. “By legislating away our ability to freely negotiate the terms and conditions of our work, the government is taking away our rights that are protected by Canada’s Chart of Rights and Freedoms.”

Society and Ontario labour are united in calling on the Conservatives to repeal Bill 124, euphemistically named the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, which violates the Charter’s protected right to free and fair collective bargaining.

Read "Society Plans Bill 124 Legal Challenge with Union Coalition" at the Society of United Professionals website.

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