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Local 21 Initiates Leadership Academy Geared Toward Building Union Power

Despite the many ongoing attacks on workers rights, Local 21 members, leaders and staff have gone on the offensive by developing a Leadership Academy to educate, recruit, and train union leaders to understand the political economy and what unions can do to turn the tide in favor or working people.

Local 21 Executive Director Debra Grabelle noted this proactive approach is necessary in an era when more corporate backed politicians aim to erode collective bargaining and worker protections. Local 21 initiated this in part because the current leadership and the growing numbers of engaged members know that the Local needs hundreds of additional leaders in this post-Janus moment. Local 21’s Leadership Academy is a critical component of the memberships’ ability to build their union in the current environment while creating opportunities for future leaders. Both last weekend in Contra Costa and two weekends ago in San Francisco, over 70 members of Local 21 came together to attend leadership training. Learn more about Local 21 here.

    10/30/2018 - Local 21 President Gus Vallejo and VP of Legislative Affairs/Western Federal Area VP Larry Griffin meet with Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Sen. Bernie Sanders in San Francisco to discuss issues facing Local 21 members.

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