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Local 3 Heads to Capitol Hill in Support of IFPTE Member Dawn Dunphy

Local 3 President John Garrity, Vice President Paul Dobias, and other Local 3 members were on Capitol Hill this week with Dawn Dunphy, a Local 3 member who was fired earlier this week because her employer, the Department of Navy, has been unable or unwilling to accommodate her disability.

Ms. Dunphy was hired five years ago by the Navy to work in Philadelphia after being promised by the government that they would accommodate her disability by providing DRAGON software so she can perform her job. However, the Navy failed to deliver, and instead fired Ms. Dunphy this week due to her disability. Garrity, who was accompanied on the Hill by IFPTE legislative staff, commented, “it is not only deplorable that Ms. Dunphy has been fired simply because she is disabled, but it is also hard to understand why it is the Navy is spending untold amounts of money on the DRAGON software but can’t get it to work.” Among those met with were the offices of Senators Menendez, Booker and Casey, and Rep. Norcross.

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IFPTE Local 3 President John Garrity, along with members Alicia St. John and Dawn Dunphy, were on the Hill a day later to visit with their local congressional delegations. They were seeking assistance for Local 3 Metal Trades members who have been misclassified and as a result are being underpaid by the Navy, as well as Ms. Dunphy’s continued struggles to have her disability be reasonably accommodated by the Navy.

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