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Locals 20 and 21 Active in The Bay Area and Nevada Elections

IFPTE Local 21, representing over 10,000 members in the Bay Area, took an extremely active role in this election season winning 15 out of 16 of their endorsed ballot measures!

Nine are revenue related measures that will bring hundreds of millions of dollars into local government, helping to protect and expand public services, and protecting critical infrastructure (and jobs!). Especially noteworthy was winning Prop. C in San Francisco. Prop. C gained national attention and sent the message that voters are willing to make wealthy corporations pay their fair share in order to reduce inequality and address the most pressing social issues. Prop. C alone will generate $300 million a year in new revenue for San Francisco. Additionally we congratulate IFPTE Local 21 members Rafael Mandelman and Sheng Thao were elected to the San Francisco and Oakland City Councils, respectively.

Engineers and Scientists of California (ESC/IFPTE Local 20), representing professionals in the highly federally regulated energy and healthcare sectors, sent members to campaign with fellow AFL-CIO members in Reno, Nevada. Locally ESC Local 20 joined with IFPTE Local 21 and other labor unions in endorsing union advocate and community organizer Nikki Bas to the Oakland City Council in the process removing a Councilman who crossed Local 21's picket line last year!

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