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NAIJ Surpasses IFPTE Goal to Increase Membership

Encouraged by IFPTE's push for a 10% increase in members, the National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ/Judicial Council #2) has surpassed this goal. Under the leadership of their President, Judge Ashley Tabaddor, along with Executive Vice President, Judge Amiena Khan, and Treasurer, Judge Larry Burman, they have made a big push to increase their ranks given the challenges they have faced in and outside their courtrooms.

"Membership is instrumental in our ability to effectively speak and advocate on behalf of our judges and educate the community and our representatives on the Hill as to the critical public service we provide taxpayers," said Judge Tabaddor. "We have a number of demanding issues we are facing within the Department of Justice that are pushing us to a breaking point and undermining the integrity of the Immigration Court system. NAIJ (with the support of IFPTE) is at the forefront of bringing to light the issues and the solutions that would protect the professionalism of our judges and the integrity of the Court.

NAIJ/FPTE Judicial Council 2 is run by and for the Immigration Judges within the Executive Office for Immigration Review, within the Department of Justice. To learn more, check out their website at

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