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Nonprofit Employees Continue to Choose NPEU as Their Union of Choice

Over the past couple of weeks, the Nonprofit Professional Employees Association (NPEU/IFPTE Local 70) continued to build their ranks by welcoming the workers from J Street, and by achieving a super majority of the workers at Friends of the Earth, who signed cards to form a union under the NPEU umbrella.

J Street recognized their staff union while Friends of the Earth workers are awaiting their employer to voluntarily recognize their union. J Street worker and NPEU member, Ben Gellman, commented, saying that ďAs J Street employees, we are all motivated by the organizationís groundbreaking pro-peace work, and our union membership is pleased to see J Street build upon its bold leadership in the progressive and Jewish nonprofit communities by recognizing our union.Ē

Read Local 70ís J Street and Friends of the Earth United press statements.

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