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Open Markets Institute Staff Joins NPEU/IFPTE Local 70

Open Markets Institute (OMI) management and staff announced this week that they have signed a voluntary agreement recognizing the formation of a staff union. The newly organized Union of Open Markets staff joins the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU/IFPTE Local 70). As the 20th group of nonprofit employees to join NPEU and the third group this year, the OMI staff adds to the growing trend of nonprofit employees forming unions to democratize their workplace and ensure all voices within an organization are heard. Read more.

February, 2020 - Q&A with Local 70, NPEU member, Sarah Rawlings
Each month the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU/IFPTE Local 70) interviews a member about their views on the importance of their union, their experience being a part of the NPEU, and their career and personal goals. This month NPEU interviewed Sarah Rawlings, who said of her union: “There is an understanding that everyone in the union and management is equally invested in the organization’s success and is deserving of respect.” Read her full interview.

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