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Orvella Named to DoLís Workforce Information Advisory Council

The Department of Labor announced this week the addition of Chelsea Orvella to the Workforce Information Advisory Council (WIAC). The council, which was newly created in 2014 as a part of HR 803 (PL 113-128), the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, will be comprised of workforce and labor market information experts representing a broad range of national, state, and local data and information users and producers. The purpose of the WIAC is to provide recommendations to the Secretary of Labor, working jointly through the Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training and the Commissioner of Labor Statistics.

IFPTE is hopeful that WIAC will be an important avenue in attaining better data collection to help in determining actual labor shortages, if any, in the STEM fields. Where there are jobs to be filled, the WIAC could also be valuable in helping students, education systems, and workforce development organizations more precisely invest in the skill development needed by workers and industry.

Chelsea, who was recommended to fill the WIAC labor seat by IFPTE President, Gregory Junemann, AFL-CIO President, Rich Trumka, and Washington State AFL-CIO President, Jeffrey Johhnson, has worked on these issues throughout her career, including having worked with State Labor Market Information (LMI) Directors across the country, and with key Capitol Hill staffers in support of legislation to allow for better data collection on occupational trends.

IFPTE congratulates Chelsea on her new post.

More information about the WIAC

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