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Over IFPTE's Objections, House Votes to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

This week the House of Representatives narrowly approved a bill (HR 1682) to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which will throw 24 million people off of health insurance if it becomes law.

In urging lawmakers to vote against the bill, IFPTE wrote that, “Given that this bill’s impact on Americans will be even more cruel because it will allow states to opt-out of the pre-existing conditions requirement and community and age-rating limits, in effect shifting coverage from and increasing costs, for those most in need of care, particularly older people. It is easy to assume that even more people would lose coverage under this new version and have worse health outcomes.”

The House passed the legislation after failing to get enough votes to pass the first version of the bill in late March. While the bill passed the House, it still needs to pass the Senate and be signed by the President to become law.

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