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Political Partisanship Over Health Care for Millions

IFPTE expresses disappointment with key Senators who put politics over people

IFPTE took the opportunity this week to express the union’s displeasure with two key Republican Senators who voted last week for the so-called ‘skinny repeal’ aimed at overturning the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to deny health care coverage to tens of millions of people.

While the bill fortunately failed with all 48 Democratic Senators and three Republicans (Collins, Murkowski and McCain) voting ‘no’, IFPTE still let it be known to Senators Portman (OH) and Capito (WV), representing states where thousands of IFPTE members reside, that the union will not soon forget that they voted for politics over people. Our union wrote that their constituents need, “leaders with the courage to eschew short-term political safe havens in favor of longer term progress through thoughtful dialog and beneficial legislation.”

Read the two letters below, and the skinny repeal vote tally here.

8/4/2017 - Collins, Murkowski glad they had each other for 'no' votes on healthcare (The Hill)

IFPTE Letter to Senator Capito

IFPTE Letter to Senator Portman

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