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President Junemann's Labour Day Message...

Other IFPTE Locals across North America celebrate Labour Day

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

In addition to being a day to acknowledge the value of unions, Labour Day is about celebrating the hard work that everyday people do. Workers expect a paycheck for their labour, but they don’t look for thanks. That’s why we set aside a day each year to show our appreciation for our nations’ workforces. With that in mind, there’s a particular group of workers we need to keep in mind on Labour Day.

The workers we need to especially acknowledge are the heroic women and men who have responded to the horrific disaster in Texas. Through the terrible storms and the devastation, we see in news reports, we also see the people who are first on the scene to help those in need.

We see nurses, ambulance drivers, police, and firefighters. But mostly, we see workers whose jobs aren’t as easily identifiable. Those are the government employees - the civil servants. Whether they’re employed by the state of Texas or the city of Houston, or whether they’re county or Federal government workers, the public sector workers were the first on the scene, just as they always are. Just as they’ll be for the people of Louisiana.

The media has begun to investigate how much the State of Texas has done versus how much the Federal government has done. As the storm moves east, we’ll hear further reports about how the State of Louisiana will respond. While the media scrutinizes the various government entities, and the politicians praise one another for the work of their respective institutions, let us not forget that the work - the real work - of those institutions and departments depends on the people who work for them.

Our nations’ public employees are often ignored or forgotten - overlooked until short-sighted legislators want to slash budgets. But then, disaster strikes as it always does. And our public sector workers rise to the challenge as they always do.

Eventually, God willing, the rain will stop and the flood waters will recede. The media won’t hang around for the clean-up and the rebuilding. But the public employees who were first on the scene will stay on to continue to help the families, to restore the neighborhoods, and to rebuild the hospitals and houses.

As we extend our thoughts and prayers and donations to the victims of recent storms, let's remember to acknowledge and thank the civil servants who are there to help them.

Happy Labour Day!



Other IFPTE Locals Across North America Celebrate Labour Day

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