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RSC Outlines Their Severe Plan to Attack Workers and Their Unions

Last week the House of Representatives Republican Study Committee RSC) released their Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) budget proposal that took direct aim at federal employees, and labor unions in general.

Some of the budget’s principle recommendations are “Get Unions off the Backs of Job Creators and Employees”, “Enact the National Right-to-Work Act”, “Prohibiting union work by federal employees during official time” and, “End the practice of the federal government serving as the dues collector for the unions.”

IFPTE responded to the release of the RSC budget, informing members that the extreme budget, “had zero chances of passing through Congress because there is a good amount of bipartisan opposition to the RSC’s draconian proposals.”

Read the full document and see if your House Representative is a member of the RSC.

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