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Respect, Dignity, Pride and Union Solidarity Alive and Well at Local 121

Honolulu, Hawaii - IFPTE Local 121 members gathered for a meeting to discuss Local business, the legislative outlook in Washington pertaining to federal workers, and to continue their long standing participation in the IFPTE LEAP-PAC program.

Led by Local President, Jamie Hiranaka, and IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer/Legislative Director, Matt Biggs, Local 121 members were informed about the status of the Trump Administration’s union busting executive orders, labor’s continued effort to block the Federal Services Impasses Panel from rendering ideologically fueled decisions, and the status of the federal pay raise, among several other issues.

IFPTE brother and sisters also heard an update on the status of the IFPTE PAC program, with an emphasis to grow Local 121’s already impressive participation in the program. Biggs thanked the members: “Local 121 stepped up at the very beginning of this program to support our PAC, so we can in turn support candidates for office that will step up for us. IFPTE will be forever thankful to the Sisters and Brothers of Local 121 for showing leadership throughout the IFPTE community in supporting this critically important PAC program.”

One of the highlights of the evening was provided by Local 121’s very own, ‘Retired Union Guys’ band, who provided a night full of union and Hawaiian music at the meeting. MAHALO Local 121.

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