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SCMMA Holds Annual AGM

On Thursday, October 29, the Saskatoon Civic Middle Management Association (SCMMA Local 222) held their Annual General Meeting (AGM). This was an important AGM for Local 222 members for a variety of reasons, namely it is the first AGM where SCMMA was affiliated to IFPTE and new constitutional changes were implemented. As with most gatherings these days, SCMMA opted for an online video conference via TEAMS, as opposed to in person to protect the health and safety of the members.

SCMMA Local 222 has had a busy year since last year’s AGM. The affiliation to IFPTE has brought about the biggest change. Local 222 president, Jackie Morley, had supportive comments for the membership regarding the affiliation.

“IFPTE affiliation has been a gamechanger for SCMMA Local 222. We have support a phone call away via IFPTE staff, Dave Sauer. We have access to contract language across the continent and we have other research tools to keep us ready for bargaining. We’re now taken seriously by management and the members see it via the negotiations we’ve had with IFPTE’s support.”

IFPTE President Paul Shearon and Secretary-Treasurer Matt Biggs joined the AGM to bring greetings on behalf of the International. As a sign of the times where technology doesn’t always work in our favour, the greetings had to be cut short. IFPTE leadership will be recording a greeting and notes of progress for SCMMA members shortly.

SCMMA Local 222 also held elections wherein the following positions were filled under the new constitutional language to align with the IFPTE Constitution. The Local extended the terms of executive members to ensure greater continuity and solidified language regarding fair dues collection. IFPTE is pleased to work with the new executives:

President Jackie Morley

Vice President, President-Elect - Lana Dodds

Labour Relations - Roger Bradley

Treasurer - Carol Lyons

Position Classification - Dave Hude

Pensions & Benefits - Greg Borisko

Secretary - Katie Calder

Member Services - Kelsey Kowalyk

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