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SCMMA Values Union Cooperation and Solidarity

The recent affiliation of SCMMA Local 222 has opened up an entirely new world of cooperation and solidarity for its membership. Local 222 president, Jackie Morley, has been very captivated by the change in dynamics with other unions at the City of Saskatoon. Given the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Local 222 recently agreed to take steps to mitigate the impacts on all city staff.

“The Memorandum of Agreement for the reallocation of work is important, it shows that SCMMA is willing to work with other unions to ensure people keep working. Despite our supervisory roles, it shows we want to work on solutions.”

The MOA is in effect for 90 days and has received the backing of other unions with the city.

Local 222 has seen its affiliation to IFPTE as a pathway to solving more localized problems together. A recent violent incident on a Saskatoon Transit bus has highlighted the need for SCMMA Local 222 and ATU Local 615 to work cooperatively. IFPTE is familiar with transit security issues, having worked closely with WAPSO Local 162 in Winnipeg. There have already been initial discussions between locals 162 and 222 regarding information sharing.

SCMMA Local 222 executive members also recently participated in a final services information seminar, hosted by TEAM Local 161. This is especially pertinent with the financial difficulties many members may face in light of the economic downturn. Local 222 president, Jackie Morley, said this type of collaboration lets SCMMA Local 222 members know they made the right decision with the affiliation with IFPTE.

“The building of comradery and supporting each other across job classification and provincial borders. This truly shows we’re all in this together, and we’re actually all the same.”

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