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SOLIDARITY ALERT: IFPTE Local 196 Holds Bi-Annual Member Luncheon in New Jersey

This week in New Jersey, Local 196 President/Atlantic Area Vice President Sean McBride hosted a member luncheon in New Jersey, meeting with members from various Local Chapters to provide legislative, legal and general union business updates.

Along with President McBride was Local 196 President Emeritus Jimmy Robertello, Local 195 President/Atlantic Area President/New Jersey AFL-CIO VP Tim Rudolph, Local 195 Vice President/Atlantic Area Vice President Gerry Newsome, and IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer Paul Shearon.

The highlight of the meeting came when Rudolph, Newsome and Shearon assured IFPTE Local 196 members that when legal, legislative, negotiations and other assistance is needed, IFPTE New Jersey Locals, IFPTE International and the New Jersey State AFL-CIO will be there to assist. Paul Shearon commented on the meeting, saying that, “Our Locals and leaders here in New Jersey will be here without hesitation when needed to provide IFPTE Local 196 the support they need in negotiations, as well as in the legislative arena. Today’s event was a good opportunity to reinforce this solidarity with our Sisters and Brothers of Local 196.” IFPTE legislative staff was also in attendance.

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