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SPEEA's Annual Convention and Leadership Conference Focuses on Labor Activists and Champions

This past weekend, SPEEA activists gathered from all bargaining units to conduct union business, network and train to understand their roles and encourage newer members to get involved.

With the conference theme of “labor activists and champions,” over 100 Council Reps, activists, younger members and labor guests took part in related workshops on Saturday, June 2nd.

At the SPEEA Council convention on June 1st, Council Chair Theryl Johnson chaired the Council meeting where SPEEA conducted internal business matters. IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer, Paul Shearon addressed attendees, while the AFL-CIO’s Celeste Drake delivered Saturday’s keynote address regarding TPP, NAFTA and other U.S. trade deals, and how they have negatively impacted workers in the United States and abroad.

To learn more about SPEEA and their conference, click here.

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