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SPEEA Wichita Joins the IFPTE PAC Program

Year caps off a successful LEAP program

Members of SPEEA/IFPTE Local 2001 in Wichita, Kansas welcomed IFPTE legislative staff to their monthly meeting to discuss the IFPTE LEAP PAC program.

The IFPTE PAC program was a major focus at IFPTE's 2015 Convention. Delegates voted to make the program a priority of the union to build the PAC, and allows members themselves to better support the IFPTE legislative program through supporting the PAC.

SPEEA members were notified that building the PAC was not about politics, rather it was about supporting candidates for office who support the specific worker related issues of importance to IFPTE members--regardless of political party.

SPEEA Wichita’s participation follows that of SPEEA members in Washington State, adds to IFPTE Locals 1, 3, 4, 30, 32, 70, and 121 who all joined the LEAP Year program earlier this year. IFPTE Locals 92 and 400 are set to join the program early next year.

Thanks for your support SPEEA Wichita!

(9/8/2016) - "Issues over Politics" - SPEEA takes part in IFPTE's Pac grogram

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