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Schatz Tells Fed Employees "I've got your back"

As U.S. federal workers worldwide brace for what could be more attacks from the next Congress, Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz sent civilian workers an open letter acknowledging that, “We’ve all been hearing statements from the Halls of Congress, in the news, and even on Twitter threatening to gut the federal workforce, cut earned benefits, reduce paychecks, make it easier to fire people at will, and other destructive actions….but I want to assure all federal workers that you’ve got allies in Congress and around the country ready to fight for you.”

IFPTE applauded the letter, calling it, “a much needed communication from Capitol Hill informing civilian workers that there are people like Senator Schatz in the Congress ready to go to the mat for them.”

Senator Schatz concluded by saying, “Thank you for all that you do for our country.”

Thank you Senator Schatz. Download the full letter below.

Senator Schatz's Letter to Federal Civilian Workforce

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