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Sen. Sanders Introduces Bill to Strengthen Workers’ Right to Unionize and Negotiate Collectively

Earlier this week, IFPTE endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Workplace Democracy Act, S. 2810, and Rep. Mark Pocan’s companion House bill, H.R. 5728. The Workplace Democracy Act - which is revamped version of the Employee Free Choice Act - will allow for a union to be certified by the National Labor Relations Board after a majority of workers have given consent to form a union through a sign-up process, mandate a mediation-arbitration process for first contract negotiations that take over 90 days, and eliminate free-riding laws that prohibit unions from collecting fair-share fees in 28 states.

The bill also requires employers to disclose any third-parties they hire in anti-union campaigns and prohibits employers from compelling employees to attend meetings unrelated to their job duties. The bill also updates the definition of what constitutes an employer so firms can no longer designate their employees as independent contractors, supervisors, or franchisee employees in an attempt to skirt labor laws and workers’ rights to organize.

These reforms will restore and protect workers’ right to decide for themselves to organize a union and ensure that they can negotiate a first contract fairly.

Read a summary of the Workplace Democracy Act.

Read IFPTE’s Endorsement of the Workplace Democracy Act.

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