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Senate Budget Far From Great, But It Does Spare Mandated Federal Employee Pay and Benefit Cuts

This week the United States Senate passed their Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) budget by a vote of 51-49. The budget blueprint, which calls for $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid to help pay for a tax reform package that will largely benefit the ultra-wealthy and corporations, did not follow the House’s lead by including billions of dollars in mandatory cuts to federal employee pensions and health benefits. Senator Rand Paul, for his part, offered an amendment that would have mandated nearly $17 billion in federal compensation cuts over ten years. Fortunately, that amendment was defeated by a vote of 5-95.

In the coming weeks the Senate and House will reconcile the two budgets into a single conference report, paving the way for tax reform package that can be passed in the Senate without having to be overcome a 60 vote threshold called from by a filibuster. IFPTE commented on the Senate budget, saying that, “while IFPTE is pleased that the Senate budget did not include the mandatory federal employee cuts included in the House bill, this budget overall is a blueprint that will leave millions of working Americans without health care coverage and explode our national debt. IFPTE will continue to work to ensure that the final conference report remain non-binding, as most budgets are, and does not mandate cuts to critical programs important to working Americans, include federal employee benefits.”

(10/19/2017) – Senate Approves Budget Plan, Setting Up Fight Over Fed Benefit Cuts (GovExec)

IFPTE In the News:
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