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Senate Takes Aim at Ending Health Insurance for Millions -- AGAIN

As the Senate prepares for a last ditch attempt by Senators Graham and Cassidy to repeal the Affordable Care Act, IFPTE reminds Senators that, “like previous attempts to repeal the ACA, the Graham/Cassidy bill would leave tens of millions of Americans without health coverage…”. Read the full letter below.

Rich Plunkett, SPEEA/Local 2001's Director of Strategic Development, shared his unabashed thoughts on the importance of the ACA protections with IFPTE.


From: "Rich Plunkett"
Subject: IFPTE Senate Letter - Oppose Graham/Cassidy ACA Repeal Bill
Date: Thu, Sep 21, 2017 1:10 PM


I can’t begin to describe how important the protections of the ACA are to me and my family. As you know, my daughter Alison has Cystic Fibrosis a chronic life shortening genetic disease that requires rigorous treatments and medications. These treatments and medications have extended the average life expectancy from “lucky to make it to grammar school” for someone born with the disease in the 1950s to the current US average of 40 years of age (by the way, the average is 50 in Canada with single payer coverage). However, these cost serious dough! If it weren’t for the ACA, we would have hit the lifetime maximum quite some time ago and it has limited my maximum out of pocket expenses to a more reasonable number (the ‘norm’ for many CF families prior to the ACA was bankruptcy!). And, with the ACA Alison cannot be denied coverage once she enters the workforce.

Now, Graham and Cassidy are saying “So sad, too bad; all of you with genetic illnesses can go broke and die!” and the Congress is actually going to vote on it.


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