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Setting the Record Straight on Official Time

An Open Letter to Federal Employees in Response to Congressman Jody Hice

Georgia Congressman, Jody Hice continued his campaign of misinformation about federal official time. This time he did it by penning a letter to The Hill newspaper that was chock-full of inaccuracies about how it is used and the history of the use of official time.

In response, IFPTE responded with an open letter of our own to federal workers, countering all of the false claims, saying, "Because his extreme views, including those on Official Time, are inconsistent with mainstream American values, he must resort to false statements and warped logic to make his arguments.” Read IFPTE's full retort, and Rep. Hice’s fictional tale on official time here.

3/7/2017 - IFPTE letter opposing Rep. Hice's official time bill
5/28/2014 - Get to know Rep. Hice better - 7 Outrageous Rants from GOP House candidate Jody Hice

IFPTE's Full Retort

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