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IFPTE Secretary Treasurer Paul Shearon Responds to Outrageous Remarks related to U.S.-Canada Relations and Trade by Trump Advisors

Remarks by President Trump’s trade advisor Peter Navarro and economic advisor Larry Kudlow over the weekend are a better fit for the playground than the halls of government.

As an elected leader of a union representing engineers and technical workers employed at major companies in both the United States and Canada, I know firsthand that trade and international relations are important not only to business but to workers. Using insulting words and phrases like: “dishonest,” “weak,” “special place in hell,” and “stabbed us in the back,” to describe a close friend and trading partner is unacceptable. Ultimately workers on both sides of the border will suffer because of these acts of immaturity.

President Trump’s advisors and the president himself should apologize to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other G-7 leaders. These insults are a sign of weakness, not strength. Unfair and angry words won’t get you “fair trade” deals.

Paul Shearon is the Secretary Treasurer of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers. Across the United States and Canada, IFPTE represents 80,000 highly-skilled workers in both the public and private sectors. The union is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO and the CLC.

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