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Society Young Professionals Network Kicks Off with Steering Committee

A working group of 15 young Society members gathered at the Local 160 office last month to help kick-off the Young Professionals Network (YPN).

Operating as the Steering Committee that will drive the direction of the YPN, the committee has a mandate to increase the participation and representation of young Society members in the union and in the broader labour movement, and to promote the inclusion of young professional issues within the union.

To accomplish this, the Steering Committee has been tasked with

1) planning the official launch event for YPN;
2) Creating a communication plan to promote greater awareness of YPN; and
3) Developing educational opportunities for young members to learn more about the union.

Stay tuned for more updates from Local 160ís YPN. To obtain more information about Local 160ís YPN Steering Committee, please contact Andy DíAndrea at

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