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TEAM Informs Winnipeg Lawmakers of Concerns Over Bell/MTS Downsizing

Contrary to public promises from Bell/MTS that the merger of the two telecom companies and their resulting move to Winnipeg as their national headquarters would result in more jobs, the telecom giant has been shedding jobs, including many that are represented by the Telecommunication Employees Association of Manitoba (TEAM/IFPTE Local 161).

IFPTE and TEAM/Local 161 leaders and staff responded by reminding Winnipeg lawmakers about the downsizing, culminating in a late January City Council meeting where City Councillors, Ross Eadie and Scott Gillingham, questioned the Mayor about the job losses, while making reference to IFPTE staff representative, “David Sauer, who is in attendance today,” and reiterating to the Mayor that, “Winnipeg is a place to grow and invest.”

See the Eadie and Gillingham question periods.


IFPTE in the News:
2/2/2018 – Winnipeg Sun, TEAM/Local 161 Executive Director, Bob Linddell responding to Bell/MTS downsizing, “These are well paid, middle class, highly skilled jobs…The numbers keep going down.”

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