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Thank You Talaina Woodridge!

Last month, IFPTE Women’s Solidarity Network (WSN) Co-Chair, Talaina Woodridge, was promoted into a new position outside of the bargaining unit. Our IFPTE union family is sad to lose such a committed activist from our ranks, but we want to congratulate Talaina for her personal success and the new role she’s taken on at the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles.

Over the years, Talaina was one of the driving forces behind the WSN. As the Chair of the IFPTE Local 195 Women’s Committee, she brought her experience and insight working with other IFPTE Locals to create the WSN. “Talaina is a mover and shaker. We’ve accomplished a great deal working together. Our IFPTE Conventions now have a Women’s Forum and a Women’s Caucus. Talaina was behind the scenes through it all,” says Tracy Miller, WSN Co-Chair.

The latest project launched by WSN is the Women and Unions International Conference Call Series that was introduced this past spring. Taking place twice a year, the conference call series invites guest speakers and IFPTE Locals to talk about relevant and timely issues that impact women in the workplace and union.

Thank you, Talaina for your dedication and contribution to IFPTE. We will miss you and wish you all the best!

Contact if you are interested in joining or learning more about the WSN.

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