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The attacks continue - House continues to take aim at federal workers

The House will again consider legislation (HR 273) to freeze federal employee pay for a third year. In anticipation of the Wednesday vote on a bill that links congressional pay raises to federal employee pay raises, IFPTE tells House members that they, “can still express support for the congressional pay freeze by issuing a statement to that effect, while also voting ‘NO’ on this bill.”

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Congressman Frank Wolf’s February Dear Colleague to his Republican members stating that “this bill is nothing more than a political stunt that targets the hardworking, dedicated men and women of the civil service.”

A series of SEVEN Dear Colleagues authored by Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) to House members opposing the legislation. As you know, Congressman Wolf, and Representative Wittman, were the only Republicans to vote against a similar bill (Fitzpatrick bill) as one of the last votes taken by the 112th Congress (IFPTE is appreciative to Congressman Wolf, obviously, for his aggressive work on behalf of federal workers)

The statement released last night from President Obama opposing this bill

The Federal Workers Alliance (FWA) letter opposing this bill

The AFL-CIO letter opposing the bill

The IFPTE letter opposing the bill (resending this one for those who may have missed it earlier this week)

House Democratic Whip, Congressman Steny Hoyer, notice of today’s schedule that recommends a “NO” vote on HR 273 (IFPTE thanks Rep. Hoyer as well for a strong recommendation to vote NO).

Read Congressman Rob Wittman’s (R,VA) floor remarks opposing HR 273

Watch Congressman Rob Wittman’s (R,VA) floor speech

Letter from IFPTE

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