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Thousands Attend the Inaugural Women's Convention

IFPTE’s Women’s Convention delegation (l-r): IFPTE International Representative Anna Liu, Tracy Miller – Local 160, Dede Chance – Local 12, Andrea Curtis – Local 12, Mary Wolff – Local 7, Tryshanda Moton – Local 29, and Talaina Woodridge – Local 195.

Forty-two hundred women came together last weekend in Detroit to carry on the momentum from the Women’s March. The Inaugural Women’s Convention held by organizers of the Women March pulled together another fiery gathering that lasted three days. Speeches, panel discussions and workshops focused on building solidarity, critical analysis and skills building from an anti-oppression feminist perspective.

IFPTE delegates were amongst the thousands participating in the Convention. “The convention was inspirational, inclusive and a fantastic way to increase anyone’s understanding about the diversity of the women’s movement. It was a truly fantastic and life changing experience” said IFPTE Local 12 member Dede Chance.

While at the Convention, IFPTE's Women’s Solidarity Network (WSN) organized a gathering for our union’s delegation to talk about the work of the WSN. It was a great opportunity to channel the momentum built up at the Convention and focus that energy into what can be done within our union. The discussion centered on what can be accomplished on the ground and the role WSN can play.

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