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Trudeau Gov't Considers Legislation to Put Defined Benefit Pensions at Risk, IFPTE Leaders Weigh-in

Canadian Area Vice Presidents Scott Travers and Misty Hughes Newman, along with President Gregory Junemann and Secretary-Treasurer Paul Shearon, responded to legislation backed by the Trudeau Government that could put millions of Canadian workers’ pensions at risk.

Specifically, Bill C-27, titled “An Act to Amend the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985”, would give employers the opportunity to move from reliable and safe defined benefit pension plans where they are legally obligated to properly fund employee pension funds, to Target Benefit (TB) plans, where employer contributions to pension funds are capped, even if the fund lacks adequate resources.

IFPTE's letter, sent to Finance Minister William Morneau, warns the government that Bill C-27 would, “give an open door to employers to walk away from their commitments when it comes to fully funding workers DB pension funds.” Download the full letter below.

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IFPTE Pension Letter to Minister of Finance Morneau

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