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U.S. House Takes Aim at Overtime Pay - IFPTE Weighs-In

The House of Representatives approved a bill (HR 1180) this week that will replace overtime pay with comp time for millions of workers.

Upon introduction, IFPTE sent a letter to lawmakers urging them to vote against the bill, informing lawmakers that, “an employee’s ability to work overtime and collect the premium overtime pay can be replaced with compensatory (comp) time at the request of the employer.” The AFL-CIO in its letter said the bill, “would allow employers to pay workers nothing at all for overtime work…”.

Read IFPTE's and AFL-CIO's letters below.

(5/2/2017) – House votes 229-197 to erode overtime protections. See how your member of Congress voted.

IFPTE's Letter to the House on Overtime Pay

AFL-CIO's Letter to the House on Overtime Pay

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