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WAPSO Advocacy Leads to Safer Workplaces

The City of Winnipeg has been making steady progress over the last couple of years to enhance safety and security on Winnipeg Transit buses. On October 21, the city introduced the use of safety vests for Winnipeg Transit Inspectors, who are members of WAPSO Local 162.

Safety and security on Winnipeg Transit has been given a higher priority in recent years with the murder of ATU Local 1505 transit operator, Irwin Fraser, in February of 2017. Winnipeg Transit Inspectors are the first line of defense against abusive passengers, and that frequently puts them in harms way. The new vests are similar to those issued to prison officials and judicial sheriffs in Manitoba and are capable of resisting sharp weapons and small caliber bullets.

WAPSO Local 162 has been advocating for increased safety measurers for its members via the Winnipeg Transit Advisory Committee at the City of Winnipeg. The committee has representation from WAPSO Local 162, ATU Local 1505, the Winnipeg Police Association, City of Winnipeg management, and is chaired by Winnipeg Labour Council endorsed City Councillor, Matt Allard. The committee works to find solutions to the ongoing concerns of Winnipeg Transit employees and is able to develop recommendations for City Council.

Local 162 will continue to fight to ensure its membership and the public have a safe and secure ride on Winnipeg Transit.

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