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WAPSO Receives Long-Awaited Award from Interest Arbitration Board

The Winnipeg Association of Public Service Officers (WAPSO/IFPTE Local 162) has received the long-awaited award of the Interest Arbitration Board.

The Board awarded WAPSO members an increase of 8.2% over a 4 year and 2˝ month agreement retroactive to October 31, 2015. Also included is a standby rate increase of 10%. A significant victory is the removal of a clause from the agreement known as “Schedule J”, which lays out working conditions in the event of a strike by another civic union.

Previously, WAPSO members could be induced to perform the duties of another civic worker in a strike or lockout. This occurred during the most recent round of negotiations between the City of Winnipeg and another union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 500. Local 162 actively resisted these attempts and encouraged members to respect the bargaining process of other unions. Those negotiations ultimately ended without a labour disruption. The Arbitration Board also denied WAPSO's request for changes to overtime provisions.

“We are very pleased with the general wage increase awarded by the Board and very pleased that Schedule J, which is essentially scab language, is gone. Unfortunately, the issue of whether the overtime provisions in the agreement violate the Employment Standards Code “remains an open question” says WAPSO president Michael Robinson.

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