Fall 2016 Issue

Fall 2016 | Volume 1 | Number 1

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IFPTE Outlook Magazine

Looking to November

By Gregory J. Junemann, IFPTE President
I write this at the peak of the 2016 political season. Normally, when communicating with all of IFPTE's members, l try to avoid focusing on US politics at the exclusion of Canadian issues. However, I've heard such strong interest from our Canadian members concerning the 2016 election, I'm confident they'll allow me this bit of latitude. After all, American politics is a good spectator sport. Moreover, as most Canadians have seen all too often, bad ideas in the US tend to drift north...
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Want Smaller Government, Move to Somalia

By Paul Shearon, IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer
I was driving down the highway just the other day when a car passed by with a bumper sticker that really caught my eye. It said,"Want smaller government, move to Somalia." These words brought to mind a comment from former President Ronald Reagan when he declared...
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Other articles from this issue:

  • Dignity and Fairness—the Ties that Bind Us
    John Mader, ESC/Local 20's Executive Director, outlines how his Local, and every other IFPTE Local, strives to achieve the same vision: respect, fairness and fair compensation at their workplace.
  • Toronto Hydro—Nature's Gifts are for the Public
    The Society's Scott Travers enlightening editorial on the potential privatization of Toronto's public utility and Local 160's campaign to mobilize the public against this measure.
  • 'Capturing the Vision' Begins with Communication
    So you haven't seen an issue of the OUTLOOK in almost three years... and what's this Recap thing? Well, we heard you. Here's the vision and plan for how IFPTE will communicate with our members now and into the future.
  • ESC Helps San Francisco Legal Aid Society Secure Their 'Voice'
    The SF Legal Aid Society, with ESC shows that, "by forming unions, non-pro workers can secure a seat at the table where decisions are being made about priorities, allocation of resources and funding sources."
  • Honor and Glory
    IFPTE Veterans Lay Wreath at Tomb of Unknown Solider
  • IFPTE Prepares Its 2017 Legislative Agenda
    By Matthew Biggs, Legislative Director

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