Let's Talk...Listening Session Brings IFPTE's Ideas to the Table


IFPTE held its first listening session on the global economy on July 31st. The hour-long session was informative and included representatives from all three sectors of IFPTE's membership. Our first listening session was opened to IFPTE's Local leadership; however, the August 14th session will be open to our leaders and activists. If you were unable to participate in the first session, we invite you to participate on August 14th. Watch for follow-up emails with call-in information.



On July 31st, IFPTE engaged its Local leaders in a conversation on the global economy.

This conversation was in response to an unprecedented member outreach program of the AFL-CIO to gather the broadest possible collection of creative ideas and strategies from the rank-and-file members to build a labor movement that working families need today for shared prosperity.

The results from our listening sessions as well as other sessions being held throughout the labor movement will be presented at the AFL-CIO's Convention in September under the banner: Building a Movement for Shared Prosperity.

Let's Talk...

Globalization and the resulting global economy is a boon for multi-national corporations and a continuous threat to working families--directly or indirectly. Whether you're an engineer at Boeing standing up against the Trans Pacific Partnership, a technician at General Electric fighting to keep your work from being off-shored, a state, county or municipal employee fighting to keep your job from being outsourced and your pay and benefits gutted, or a federal worker battling furloughs and pay freezes, we need to hear from you. Can we count on you to be part of this discussion?

In the prior email, we asked you to think about how you would respond to these three questions:

  • What strategies are necessary for us to address global corporations?
  • Does the traditional approach of the labor movement need to change? If yes, in what way?
  • With multi-national corporations having an iron grip over public sector and private sector workers, what is needed to leverage labor's influence over corporate power in the global economy?

IFPTE President Gregory Junemann facilitated the discussion, and noted economist, Dr. Robert Scott, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Research at the Economic Policy Institute, brought his expertise to the discussion.

We're ready to hear your ideas, your perspectives, and your solutions. Don't forget to let us know who will be participating from your Local.

Due to space limitations, we were only able to share this invitation with officers of IFPTE Locals. It is our hope that future listening sessions will allow for a broader audience.

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