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Union Plus Free College Program

The second spring terms starts on March 18. More then 3,000 students are enrolled in the Union Plus Free College Program, split between new and returning students. This benefit is only available to members of IFPTE. Read more >

The Working Life Podcast: A Judge's Inside View of the Immigration System

Once a refugee from Iran, now an Immigration Judge, the Honorable Ashley Tabaddor talks about our broken immigration system, an 800,000+ case backlog, and solutions to this major issue in the headlines. Read more >

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IFPTE to New Jersey Governor – Sign the highway worker safety bill

Even after the bill passed both chambers of the New Jersey legislature without a single vote in opposition, New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, is considering whether or not to veto a bill...

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SUP Weighs-In on Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Draconian Budget

The Ontario government released its 2019 budget presenting several issues of concern for The Society of United Professionals members, including a 35% cut to the funding for Legal Aid Ontario, cuts to health care and education spending, and the government’s intentions to consult with public sector unions on compensation costs that could include changes to provincial collective bargaining laws.

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IFPTE Endorses the Bipartisan Relocation Expenses Parity Act

IFPTE joined in coalition with fellow Federal Workers Alliance (FWA) unions in endorsing the legislation (S. 841), which seeks to waive moving expense taxes for newly hired and soon to be retired federal workers who serve the government overseas.

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Solidarity Alert: IFPTE Joins Labor Community in Condemning Union Busting at the FLRA

IFPTE was one of twenty-four labor organizations signing a letter to Representatives Cummings and Quigley requesting that the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee undertake an investigation into the decision by FLRA Chairwoman Colleen Duffy Kiko...

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