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Union Plus Free College Program

The second spring terms starts on March 18. More then 3,000 students are enrolled in the Union Plus Free College Program, split between new and returning students. This benefit is only available to members of IFPTE. Read more >

Fight for Rights of Federal Workers Will Continue Despite Unfair Court Ruling

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, overturned an August 2018 U.S. District Court ruling. The decision will allow the Trump Administration to implement unfair and arbitrary executive orders affecting hundreds of thousands of federal workers... Read more >

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Appeals court rules in favor of union busting

IFPTE President Shearon responded to today’s decision, noting that, “When you treat essential public servants as second-class citizens – and allow bosses to fire, demote or transfer them based on cronyism or political favors – the result will be second-class service to the American people.”

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Twenty-three FWA Unions Call on Congress to Repeal Cadillac Tax

IFPTE was one of the unions signing the Federal Workers Alliance letter urging House members to, “vote yes to approve H.R. 748 and thereby provide permanent relief from the 40% tax to working families and retirees.”

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House NDAA Support Both Our Military and Civilian Personnel, Kilmer Leads the Way in Fixing APP Program

As the House is set to consider the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, IFPTE informs House members that the bill, “both protects and maintains a strong national defense while also recognizing the incredible contribution of the highly skilled civilian workforce that supports our uniformed service members.”

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IFPTE Calls On Congress to Permanently Repeal the Healthcare Excise Tax

In anticipation of House consideration in the coming weeks of H.R. 748, the Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act, IFPTE warns lawmakers that, “If the excise tax is allowed to take effect, it will further burden working families instead of addressing the factors that continue to drive the cost of health care.”

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