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IFPTE executive officers applaud SPEEA's efforts to, "add requirements to Washington's aerospace incentives"

Noting that The Boeing Company is moving thousands of jobs from Washington State while still collecting billions of dollars in State tax subsidies, IFPTE President Junemann and Secretary-Treasurer Shearon sent a letter to SPEEA this week...

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IFPTE is one of 30 Federal-Postal Coalition (FPC) organizations urging House members to oppose Republican Budget

In a letter to all House members, FPC calls the House budget is yet another, “pay cut” for federal workers.

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IFPTE joins with labor, business and management organizations in urging House Defense Authorizers to overturn employee travel cuts

IFPTE was joined by eleven other organizations in urging House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Mac Thornberry and Ranking Member Adam Smith to, "prohibit DOD from cutting per diem rates for long-term travel."

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IFPTE tells Senate Judiciary Committee that expanding the H-1B program is, "a betrayal of American workers"

FPTE President, Greg Junemann provided testimony for today's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining the impact of guest worker programs like H-1B on the American workforce.

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Law and Disorder

In recent days, the union representing Legal Services Corporation's Washington headquarters staff has filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board after some LSC employees were unlawfully terminated and others were intimidated from union activity.

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TPP trade deal - shaping up to be another bad deal for American workers

During his State of the Union, President Obama vowed to pass more damaging trade deals, starting with Fast Track trade authority to pave the way for passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

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Labor unified in opposition to more damaging trade deals

IFPTE President Junemann joined AFL-CIO President, Rich Trumka and over 60 other American labor leaders in signing a letter this week to hill lawmakers, reiterating that, "fast track is an undemocratic, unaccountable and a completely unacceptable way to develop economic policies that affect us all."

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IFPTE applauds Representatives Kilmer and Jones

IFPTE applauds Representatives Kilmer and Jones for introducing legislation to reverse DOD employee travel per diem/lodging expenses.

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AFL-CIO Young Worker Summit

The AFL-CIO Young Worker Summit (“Next Up”) is scheduled for the weekend of March 19-22 at the Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL. Early Bird registration has passed, but there is still plenty of time to register as a participant in this year’s summit.

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Court finds that Gov. Christie broke the law on New Jersey pensions

In response to the ruling, IFPTE reminded members that, "it is shameful for any Governor, including this one, to essentially tell New Jersey’s public servants that they will be left out in the cold come retirement time..."

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IFPTE opposes bill to cut 270,000 federal jobs

“Impulsive and drastic reductions in the federal workforce may help to scratch an ideological itch, but it will surely threaten the government services that taxpayers expect.”

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IFPTE calls on Congress to oppose the so-called I-Squared bill

The legislation, which will remove the cap on annual H-1B visas, “may be great for the high tech industry, but it is a betrayal of American workers.”

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Bipartisan group of Senators take issue with DOD employee travel cuts

Led by Senators Collins, Ayotte and Murray, a bipartisan group of Senators wrote to the DOD expressing concern with cuts to employee and military lodging and per diem cuts.

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"The right to strike is an essential part of a meaningful collective bargaining process in our system of labour relations"

IFPTE applauds latest Canadian Supreme Court ruling in favour of public sector workers.

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Local 3 President John Garrity calls out Delaware Senator Chris Coons for throwing, "middle-class workers employed in the tech sector under the bus."

Following Delaware Senator Chris Coons’ sponsorship of the anti-worker ‘I-Squared’ bill to lift the cap on H-1B foreign guestworker visas absent any protections for American and visa holder workers, Local 3 President John Garrity provided an Op-Ed this week to the Newark Daily News.

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IFPTE Applauds Connolly/Schatz/Cardin Federal Pay Raise Bill

Union says that, “If the federal government wants to get serious about attracting and retaining the best and the brightest, then lawmakers on Capitol Hill need to take this bill seriously and see to it that it passes.”

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IFPTE Joins Coalition to Stop More Damaging Trade Deals

IFPTE, along with lawmakers, labor, and the faith and environmental communities will work together to block giving President Obama the authority to unilaterally negotiate more damaging trade deals.

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Larry Marrell Passes Away

Larry Marrell, former IFPTE VP for the SPEEA Area, lost his four-year fight with pancreatic cancer and passed away at his home surrounded by family on December 26, 2014.

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Sorscher's Latest Huff Post Column on Trade

"Why we're still fighting the last war on trade policy" - read Stan Sorscher's latest column on trade.

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Synopsis of Congressional Roundtable on TDY Changes

Synopsis of Congressional Roundtable on TDY Changes

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