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Key Senate vote today on the Paycheck Fairness Act

In urging support for the bill, IFPTE tells Senators that the legislation is, "a long overdue bill to help close the pay gap suffered by women workers."

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An Open Letter to IFPTE Members

September 11th, 2001 has over time, as we knew it would, become one of those days when we all recall where we were when we heard the fateful, horrible news. Some of us were closer to the terrible tragedy than others. Some of us lost loved ones. Others were less directly impacted, but still felt the effects of those nightmarish images.

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IFPTE endorses bipartisan Manchin/Kirk Export-Import bank reauthorization bill

In a letter the Senate IFPTE urged, "Congress to pass the Manchin/Kirk legislation before the bank’s authorization expires at the end of this month."

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IFPTE weighs in with President Obama on unilateral immigration reform effort

As the White House considers going it alone in moving immigration reform forward through executive action, IFPTE sent a letter to President Obama warning him that, "a simple expansion of the H-1B program through executive action could doom any chance of comprehensive immigration reform passing this or a future Congress any time soon."

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A Labour Day Message from President Junemann

Labour Day in Canada and in the US marks different things for different people.

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Normally Silent -- Federal Immigration Judges Speak Out About Deportations and Reforming the Immigration Courts

In an unprecedented news conference sponsored by the National Press Club, two federal immigration judges, will describe what they and other judges are seeing in their courtrooms.

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OMB Backs Off Proposal to Redefine U.S. Manufacturing to include “Factoryless Goods Producers”

Dr. Robert Scott, Local 70 Member and Economic Policy Institute’s Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, calls the decision, “A Step in the Right Direction.”

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IFPTE Endorses Senator Susan Collins

Today the International Federation of Professional and
Technical Engineers (IFPTE) announced their backing of Maine Senator, Susan
Collins, for a 4th term in the United States Senate.

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300+ Workers at NASA’s Washington Headquarters Vote to Form a Union

Professional support specialists employed at NASA’s Washington DC headquarters voted overwhelmingly today to form a union.

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Support the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition, Sign a Petition to Help Bridge the Gap!

Following an all-day bargaining session August 4, workers at the Golden Gate Bridge District including IFPTE Local 21, have voted to authorize strike action. The employees--ferry deckhands and captains; bus servicers and mechanics; bridge ironworkers and inspectors; and construction tradesmen and women--have been working without a contract since July 1.

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IFPTE endorses the Federal Employee Pension Fairness Act

In urging House members to sponsor the bill, IFPTE reminds lawmakers that, “no other group of Americans, including the top 1% of wage earners, has come close to giving what federal workers have.”

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IFPTE endorses the Employee Empowerment Act

In a letter to the bill’s authors – Congressman John Lewis and Keith Ellison – IFPTE applauds the bill for, “recognizing that workers' rights are the equivalent of civil and human rights…”

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IFPTE Action Alert: DOD Locals encouraged to respond to department's three-tier performance management proposal

After last week’s release of a three-tier performance management appraisal system by the Department of Defense, IFPTE is encouraging all DOD Locals to, "submit a demand to engage in pre-decisional involvement at the level of recognition for preliminary discussions with the agency over the implementation of DOD’s recently announced three-tiered performance evaluation system."

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Sen. Sherrod Brown urges Acting SSA Commissioner to improve labor-management relations

During yesterday's Senate Finance Committee nomination hearing for Carolyn Colvin to be SSA Commissioner, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown confirms what the Association of Administrative Law Judges, IFPTE Judicial Council 1 has been saying for years - that the agency's relationship with its unions is, "as bad as it gets in the federal government."

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DC Judges Vote for a Union with IFPTE

After a two-year battle to secure the right to have union representation, judges get justice. Eighty percent of administrative law judges employed by DC's Office of Administrative Hearings vote for IFPTE, despite prolonged retaliation by former chief judge who admitted in court to ethics and conflict of interest violations only last week.

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Is the U.S. Government attempting to cook the books in determining where a product is manufactured? SPEEA responds.

"The proposed change would count foreign manufacturing as a service, rather than a manufactured good...has no apparent connection to sound public policy."

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Senate confirms Julie Clark for FLRA General Counsel

IFPTE President says that, "President Obama and the American people have an outstanding individual serving as the FLRA General Counsel."

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IFPTE Urges 'NO' Vote on Meadows Amendment

IFPTE authored a letter to the House of Representatives opposing a possible amendment to HR 5016 offered by Representative Meadows that would end union dues deduction for all federal agencies.

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SPEEA, IFPTE respond to DHS proposal to double the size of the H-1B Visa program

SPEEA and IFPTE jointly responded to the Obama Administration’s unilateral efforts to double the size of the H-1B Visa program by granting work authorization to spouses of H-1B visa recipients.

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LOST EDGE: Restoring San Jose's Competitive Advantage

Local 21’s latest video, featuring AEA, AMSP and CAMP members talking about their important work and how services have been depleted because of San Jose City Council policies.

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