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IFPTE urges authorizers to reject Administration's TVA divestiture effort

In a letter to key lawmakers IFPTE urges Congress to, "oppose and block any effort by the Obama Administration to divest the TVA."

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Boeing to pay $47 million to

Boeing to pay $47 million to "make whole" employees denied SPEEA representation

"Boeing spent more than a decade and countless dollars trying to break its contracts with these employees," said Rich Plunkett, SPEEA director of strategic development who worked the issue since its start. "It’s disappointing it took so long, but the employees prevailed."

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Local 21's Next Video Installment - FORCED OUT: A San Francisco for Everyone?

On the heels of their video, A San Franciso for Everyone, IFPTE Local 21 has released a powerful follow-up video titled FORCED OUT - A San Francisco for Everyone?

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IFPTE urges House to reject FY15 Ryan budget

As the House considers House Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, IFPTE warns lawmakers that the legislation is, "a Robin Hood in reverse proposal."

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IFPTE endorses the Paycheck Fairness Act

As the Senate prepares to consider the legislation, IFPTE reminds lawmakers that, "women earn 77 cents to every one dollar earned by their male counterparts."

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Ryan Budget targets retirees, federal workers

IFPTE warns that the Ryan budget would "negatively impact" workers and retirees.

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Former employees charge Spirit with laying off sicker and older workers in 2013

Federal charges of discrimination were filed against Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. alleging the company terminated hundreds of employees in 2013 because they were older and either they or a family member had a costly medical condition the newly self-insured aerospace company wanted to cut.

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2014 IFPTE legislative conference participants make rounds on Capitol Hill

Over 100 IFPTE members from the United States and Canada visited national lawmakers this week in Washington as a part of IFPTE’s annual legislative conference.

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IFPTE Urges NASA to be Funded at or above FY14 Level

In a letter to NASA appropriators, IFPTE writes that “preserving our world leadership in Aerospace R&D and Exploration is not just for fun or bragging rights, but rather must become a higher national priority with sufficient resources to allow NASA to free itself of its current dependencies."

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IFPTE Requests the Obama Administration Release TVA Privatization Study

In an attempt to bring transparency to the Administration's interest in divesting some or part of the TVA, IFPTE sent a letter today to OMB Director Burwell asking for a copy of an OMB initiated TVA privatization study.

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IFPTE Endorses the Smart Savings Act

Bipartisan bill jointly sponsored by House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings is, "a responsible step forward in helping federal workers plan and save for retirement.

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IFPTE Responds to President Obama's Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15) Budget

Expressing deep disappointment with steep cuts to NASA and DoD, and a proposal to privatize the TVA, IFPTE sent a letter to the President saying that, "it is with considerable sadness that the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers cannot support your proposed Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15) budget.

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IFPTE joins labor coalition in opposing bill that would shrink state and local government revenue

IFPTE was one of ten unions signing a letter urging House members to oppose H.R. 2992, the Business Activity Tax Simplification Act of 2013 (BATSA). The unions warned House lawmakers that BATSA, "would impose an unfunded mandate and permanently shrink state and local government tax revenue."

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EPI Report: Ending Currency Manipulation Would Create Millions of American Jobs

The Economic Policy Institute issued a report today estimating that 2.3-5.8 million jobs could be created if national lawmakers put an end to currency manipulation.

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IFPTE Responds to proposed 1% federal pay raise

IFPTE President, Gregory Junemann, issued the following response to today’s news that President Obama will propose a 1% federal employee pay raise in his Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15) budget...

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Conservative Party Leader in Ontario Backtracks on Support for 'Right-to-Work for Less'

After intense pressure from Ontario workers, Conservative leader Tim Hudak did an about face today by reversing his support for 'right-to-work for less' laws in the Province.

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Former IFPTE General Counsel, Julie Clark, re-nominated for U.S. FLRA General Counsel

Julie Clark, who has served at Federal Labor Relations General Counsel since August, 2009, was re-nominated this week by President Obama to continue in the same job.

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IFPTE request OPM investigation into long standing racial bias at NASA

Despite the best intentions of NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, the space agency’s management bureaucracy continues to have a big problem rating employee performance fairly.

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Chief Administration Law Judge Fired after Union Pushes for Resignation

After IFPTE calls for the resignation of the chief administrative law judge for ethics violations, Gray moves to fire her.

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Judges' Union Calls on D.C.'s Chief Administrative Law Judge Mary Oates Walker to Resign

IFPTE called on the District of Columbia’s chief administrative law judge Mary Oates Walker to resign as a result of ethics and corruption charges brought by the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability yesterday.

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